Meet our Musicians:

Charlotte Kies, clarinet

Charlotte Kies began playing music at the age of five, studying piano with her mother. She had wanted to play the oboe like her older sister, but being possessive of the instrument, her older sister suggested that she try the clarinet, instead. When her hands  were big enough, she began to take her first clarinet lessons, around the age of eight. She participated in music festivals over the summers during high
school, including the Kinhaven Orchestra and Chamber Music School, where she fell in love with the orchestra. She attended the boarding school Phillips Exeter Academy for four years of high school, and joined the school’s orchestra as the first clarinetist in her freshman year. Her love of academics and modern language led her to pursue a year abroad, and in 2006 she spent a year studying abroad in Viterbo, Italy with the program SYA. Though the program offered studies in classics, modern language, and literature, the school itself offered no music. She spent the year studying clarinet privately in Rome with the Rome Opera’s clarinetist Angelo de Angelis, learning Italian along the way.

After high school she attended the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University, studying with James Campbell, where she earned her Bachelor of Music in Clarinet Performance, and a minor in Italian. Having studied German in high school however, she chose to spend another semester abroad, this time in Vienna, to pursue both music and German studies at the same time, through a program called IES. While in Vienna she studied privately with Stefan Neubauer of the Vienna State Opera, and Reinhard Wieser of the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra. In Vienna she interned at a public middle school, working as an intern in a music class and an Italian class. She tutored in Italian privately while in Vienna and spent an additional semester upon her return teaching a formal class of Italian to bilingual children in an extension program at Indiana University.


(Updated March 26, 2014)